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Tuesday, December 16, 2003
It's that time of year again! The ground is white, and that's our house!

Recently we sent out a newsletter to our friends and family, updating them on all that's happened this past year. My husband usually sends one of these out twice a year. He likes that design sort of thing! :) Anyway, you can view the online version of it here: Eagle Eye Newsletter
It's a pdf file, so you'll need Adobe Acrobad Reader (available from for free) to read it. Enjoy & be sure to check out our little family portrait! The kitty actually cooperated! :o)

Well, have a happy Christmas if I don't write more before then! You can imagine how busy it's getting here!
-me ~:o)
Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Hello again! Like the pic? This picture of our kitty Isabella was taken with my new digital camera - an Olympus C-5050 automatic/SLR in our new house. I love it! (The camera AND the house!) We are finally all moved in & now just have to find places for everything (& I have a lot of stuff! Goes with the glass territory, I suppose). Isabella, as you can see, has taken well to the new surroundings.... She only still begs for food every minute of the day - she even managed to rip a small hole in the bottom of the bag & sneaks into the pantry to eat out of it whenever we're not looking! Bad kitty.

I still haven't set up my studio completely... There's just a bunch of stuff all over the floor. I have to get to it soon, though, since I have a due date on a window commission coming up that I haven't even started designing yet! Life is getting really busy.

Joe still needs to set up his studio yet, too. So far we've been working on the kitchen, living room, & front room that we're calling "The Classical Music/Piano Room" (Joe named it). The room has fancy pillars and looks classical... it is also home to my piano.

Well, that's the updates from this neck of the woods. We're still working like crazy at the publishing company and now I've gotta start working like crazy in my stained glass studio as well. I've got a fancy camera to pay for! :) Have a good day, all!
Friday, October 31, 2003
Ah, wow. 10 days have gone by already? I've been so busy packing, making glass ornaments, and driving to meetings all over the place that I lost track of time!

So, what's new? Kim the Frog will be published by the end of November... A board book that our owner wrote. We're also publishing a paper-back version of the book. It's a cute story! Check it out at the website! The Ultimate Friend Book for Teens will be coming out by December 1st (hopefully). We've already gotten several requests for it! For those of you just tuning in, Joe & I put together a little unique address book for kids. You can buy it from our website 800#, on or It will also soon be available in bookstores. As far as the other books I'm working on, the forgiveness book has Chapter 2 almost finished... there are only so many hours in a day!

Besides those two books, we have about 10 more in the works. Who figured that 2 people could do so much!?

On a more personal note, our kitty, Isabella, is still as crazy as ever... this morning she stole a happy-face mylar balloon Joe got me while I was sick & dragged it all the way downstairs with her head held high! She was so proud of herself, but when she let go of it she wasn't all the way downstairs & she watched it float back up the stairway with a perplexed look on her cute kitty face... ah, what would we do without such entertainment?

We are busilly planning out our production of Scrooge... Joe & I are helping with the dance choreography and are dancers in the drama, also. It is getting very busy and we're moving in the middle of it! Perhaps as early as the 10th!! Wow... how do we accomplish so much? Only with God's help, I have to admit. :)

That's about it, except that I received a note from my sister-in-law the other day....she's in Switzerland! So not fair. Oh well, Joe & I are working our way towards a trip to Italy at any rate... :)

I'll blog more later! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Ah, here I am again... Once more at work, taking a "break", and trying to find something constructive to do that doesn't involve marketing! I so wish I could work on my glasswork here, but, ah, the 30 sq ft we call an office (ok, it's a little bigger, but with 3 computers, 2 desks, 2 file cabinets & a huge shelf it doesn't feel like it!) does not allow for the space of a 600sq' studio!

So, today I'm sitting here feeling the last of my bronchitis begin to dwindle away and I'm thinking to myself... Thank goodness I'm not in college anymore!! Although the stresses of life have increased, I am now doing something I love, pretty much setting my own hours, and I don't have to take any more of those "Gen-Ed" required courses!

My youngest sister-in-law is preparing for graduation in May and I'm beginning to wonder what she'll think of the "real world" as those professors used to call it. I think it's more of a "dream world", actually! However, despite the practical jokes, silliness, and very interesting discussions about Chinese food that go on around here, we do get work done! So, I guess that means we're in the "real world" after all.... hmm....

So, in short, I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I miss my cat, my glasswork, and my chocolate bar that I left on the counter top at home. Well, ya can't have everything, can you? :)

That's all for now... See ya at the next post!
Monday, October 20, 2003
Hello, all, and welcome to my blog!
I'm new at this blogging thing, so you'll have to bear with me. However, since it involves a fair amount of rambling & those of you who know me know how well I can ramble, I suppose I may just do fairly well at it!

Well, what's new with me now??

In the personal life: Joe & I started packing up our townhouse yesterday. We have about 10 small boxes down & many more to go! We are going to be moving prob'ly sometime around Thanksgiving (what is it with us & holiday moves?? Last time we moved on Christmas Eve!) We're trying to find someone to take over the term of our lease which is up in February. So, if you know of anyone who needs a place in the North Columbus, OH area, look me up!

In the work life: My book, The Ultimate Friend Book: More Than Your Average Address Book For Kids is out and doing fairly well. We haven't done any extensive advertising yet, but word-of-mouth sales are starting to rise. Check it out at!
We have received many submissions at Gom and I am starting to become VERY busy with press kits, news releases, & custom marketing plans!!

In the what-I-wish-was-really-my-main-work life: I just received a commission for another window! Yay! It is going to go into a door and is going to be quite a project. I will also be creating a lamp commission sometime later in November and on November 8th I'm doing a Christmas fine arts show in Bryan, Ohio. Wish me luck! The sales of my work there will majorly help out Visions. I will be selling my book there, as well.

Wow. Christmas is going to be here already?? Seems like this year has just FLOWN by!

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